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How to organise a heavy metal baby shower?

Right now, organising a baby shower is the thing to do. And of course, it’s great fun when the baby shower comes as a surprise to the pregnant lady. But what if your best friend is a genuine metal head? Then you’ll obviously have to organise a metal-themed baby shower. Carry on reading if you want to know how!

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Posted By Robin Westendorp

Ten weirdest names that our music heroes have given their children 

We’ve always know that famous artists often give their children the weirdest names. But why? Opinions are different. Some say that artists come up with strange names for their kids because they themselves are weird or different, so the same should go for their children. After all, an artist would never want to be considered ‘normal’. Others say that it’s a way of attracting extra publicity. According to a third explanation, artists are often creative people who simply find it easy to think up different punk baby names and weird combinations.


Weirdest names rock music heroes

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Posted By Jamy Pierce

Do your kids jump for joy when you tell them about a new concert or do you personally play in a band and want to take your child with you sometime? It can get rather tough during live concerts - and then we’re not just talking about the mosh pit ;-) Good-quality hearing protection for children during concerts is certainly no unnecessary luxury.  But what are all the things you need to consider?

baby banz earmuffs

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Posted By Rolf Bax